Colour of the day no. 2 – Coke red

solid colour coke red

Colour of the day 2 - Coke red

Coke red

There is no longer a PMS (Pantone Matching Sytem) colour match number for Coca-Cola Red. All major paint stores should have Coca-Cola Red computerized. You may simply ask for ‘Coca-Cola Red’ or perhaps take a colour sample with you to the paint store.” – Taken from the official Coca-Cola website

We’d love to know via the comments below what Coke red reminds you of or makes you think about. We’re also running a weekly competition where people can re-name a colour. If you had to re-name this colour, what would you call it? There will be a weekly prize of a pot of paint containing the colour and labelled with your new name and a £10 Amazon voucher.

Colour of the day

Throughout the Brighton Festival a colour of the day will be displayed in Fabrica and on this blog. To help decide which colour to choose we asked Anne Wight who is a grapheme synaesthete .This is a form of synaesthesia in which an individual’s perception of numbers and letters is associated with an experience of colour.

Like all forms of synaesthesia, grapheme-colour synaesthesia is involuntary, consistent, and memorable and is one of the most common forms of synaesthesia. Generally, while it is extremely unlikely that any two synaesthetes will report the same colours for all letters and numbers, studies of large numbers of synaesthetes find that there are some commonalities across letters.

I have chosen colours/pigments/paints for each day loosely based the colours she sees for the dates of May’s Festival.


3 responses to “Colour of the day no. 2 – Coke red

  1. Jordan Hoffmann-Hill

    This colour reminds me of my old school jumper as it was exactly that colour!! and every other accesory at school was aswell…bins, school dinner trays etc. If i had to re – name this I would call it Risky.
    Thanks Jordan

  2. This colour makes me think of tulips in Regent’s Park. I’d called it Regent Pink!

  3. Nickova Behling

    Quite an alarming red. Looking out of the office window and see the black poles marked with a tape just this colour – and the fire extinguisher to my right. Also I had VW Golf in this colour. Not a colour I like for many things – it goes well with black or dark ultramarine blue and needs other colours to a complement it. Although just remembering that I had a wonderful dress in this colour, sold it to travel and never found a replacement again. I might go out and look for it now… I hate the name coke red!

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