Colour of the day no. 16 – NIVO

Solid block of colour NIVO

Colour of the day 16 - NIVO

NIVO Night Invisible Varnish Orfordness, was a dark green introduced on night bomber aircraft in 1923. It was produced in a matt finish after trials at Orford Ness. It was a mix of yellow ochre, lithopone and ultramarine blue. Orford Ness, is a spit of land in Suffolk that was home to the Central Flying School’s Experimental Flight Establishment, which among other things, did a lot of work on camouflage. Humbrol 75 is the closest match.

We’d love to know via the comments below what NIVO reminds you of or makes you think about. We’re also running a weekly competition where people can re-name a colour. If you had to re-name this colour, what would you call it? There will be a weekly prize of a pot of paint containing the colour and labelled with your new name and a £10 Amazon voucher.

Colour of the day

Throughout the Brighton Festival a colour of the day will be displayed in Fabrica and on this blog. To help decide which colour to choose we asked Anne Wight who is a grapheme synaesthete. This is a form of synaesthesia in which an individual’s perception of numbers and letters is associated with an experience of colour.

Like all forms of synaesthesia, grapheme-colour synaesthesia is involuntary, consistent, and memorable and is one of the most common forms of synaesthesia. Generally, while it is extremely unlikely that any two synaesthetes will report the same colours for all letters and numbers, studies of large numbers of synaesthetes find that there are some commonalities across letters.

We have chosen colours/pigments/paints for each day loosely based the colours she sees for the dates of May’s Festival.


3 responses to “Colour of the day no. 16 – NIVO

  1. I would rename this colour ‘Murk’ because it reminds me of jumping into a murky sea and not knowing what’s beneath me.

  2. Richard Welch

    I’m pretty sure I used the Humbrol version of this to paint the underside of an Airfix Wellington bomber model when I was a kid. So it’s got to be “Night Wellington Green”.

  3. ‘Autumn Jumper’ – it would probably smell vaguely of bonfires.

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