Image showing swatches of different coloursThe colour diaries blog has been born from the conjunction of a number of things-

Artist Stig Evans is fascinated by colour and during May 2010 he will be working as animateur in residence for the Brian Eno show 77 Million Paintings. The role of animateur is to facilitate the visitors’ experience and enjoyment of the exhibition and in this capacity Stig is planning a number of activities around colour. These will include a colour of the day with history, different names it may have had through the ages and the opportunity for visitors to re-name the colour, we’ll be giving a prize each week for the best new colour name as judged by us. There’ll also be the opportunity to test your puzzling prowess with colour sudoko. The opportunity to discuss what a particular colour means to you. Everyone has a subjective understanding of what ‘green’ is for example and we want to capture yours. You can find out more about Stig’s work on his website.

Laurence Hill who is development manager at Fabrica (that’s me – writing about myself weirdly in the 3rd person) is very interested in how contemporary visual arts organisations can harness social media to help engage people with their work and additionally to encourage participation. He is continually looking for opportunities to do that, some of which he writes about on his blog The Tangled Hedgerow

Because of Laurence’s interests and because of the nature of the Eno exhibition and a lack of space for Stig’s work, we felt that an online presence would be a fantastic opportunity for more people to engage with what Stig is doing, to encourage people to participate more and offer greater engagement with Fabrica.

Ultimately we think that there is an opportunity for developing this blog into a website that has a life beyond the immediate project. We’re certainly hoping to find the resources to do that (or a developer that’s in
terested in the project that’d like to collaborate with us). In the meantime this blog will enable us to gather some content so if you’ve read this far please contribute, we’re genuinely fascinated by the subject of colour and we’d love to have your input.


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  1. Hi, I am researching colour in the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, know Stig and have a blog on my colour research: http://colourlightandshade.blogspot.com/
    Will mention this one inmy next post. Best, Alexandra

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    Thanks for the comment. A reciprocal link would be great.


  3. Anthony Dwyer

    I went to the Fabrica for Eno’s installation (and, as expected, was absolutely blown away with his 77 Million Paintings installation), but I actually spent more time in Stig’s ‘colour activity’ area! The stated aim of his role as being ‘to facilitate the visitors’ experience and enjoyment of the exhibition’ is very well realised, and the viewer-interaction dynamic is very stimulating. With an elegant simplicity, the colour activities engage the viewer in a very direct way.

    In inviting you to rename specific shades, you are required to reflect upon your personal relationship with colour. Although there is research to show a commonality in physiological/mood responses in individuals when exposed to the vibratons of ‘cold’ or ‘warm’ colours, specific colours (like specific music, and specific smells) can resonate and interact in infinite ways, tapping in to neural pathways, evoking memories, or subtle echoes of momories of experiences, and every colour, piece of music, smell, is entirely different for every individual.

    The notion of how we each, individually, perceive (the same) colour has always intrigued me. There are specific shades of certain colours which conjour very specific, idiosyncratic memories for me; usually from my very early childhood years.

    I named a shade of blue in Stig’s exhibition space ‘Entering The Stream’, as this colour captured, for me, a certain bracing clarity of perception. The phrase has been stuck in my mind for many years. I read it in a book on Buddhism, and it refers, I think, to the act of engaging fully with reality/life, and facing life with a calm acceptance and magnanimous grace. This idea, for me, seemed somehow apt in the direct experience of both Brian and Stig’s work in the exhibition.

    Stig’s colour activities, combined with Eno’s installation, are a beautiful reminder of the power of colour and sound in our lives.

  4. Dear Laurence and Stig,
    I had a most enjoyable evening yesterday at Fabrica. Here are a few thoughts and pictures:
    Best, Alexandra

  5. Hi Alexandra,

    Glad you enjoyed and thanks for all the comments and mentions.


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