My green is…

Solid block of green colour


What does green mean to you? What does it make you think of? What is the colour that you see when you hear the word green. Or are you a synaesthetic? Is a day of the week the colour green for you? Or a number. Please use the comments below to tell us what it means to you.


6 responses to “My green is…

  1. matthew miller

    My green is something like this 99CC33. I’m thinking of a willow leaf in the sunshine.

  2. Richard Welch

    When I hear ‘green’ I think of a dark, rich, mossy green. I used to wear a lot of it when I was younger. Once I was dressed pretty much head to toe in it (or variations of it) and a friend said, “Is that your favourite colour?”. I replied that it was. “You must be in a good mood today then,” she said. And I was. I still love that colour.

  3. Alexandra Loske

    Green = velvet. This is simply a childhood memory. I had a bottle green velvet dress that my mother had made for me.

  4. For me the nicest green has to be #ABC123, I fond it thrilling, invigorating and sexy.

    See it here :

  5. Green for me is home. The smell of grass mixed with manure while travelling back from the airport or port.

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